Types of Kundalini Awakening- Citrini & Brahma nadi Rising

Over the past few posts I have majorly written about the rising of Kundalini in nadis that can give a lot of trouble and will lead to a burnt-out system, unless she chooses to rise directly in suśumna nadi. But even in suśumna nadi one needs to take extreme care of how one lives, starting […]

Different Types of Kundalini Awakening- Suśumna Nadi

Continuing the post from last Friday and pointing out that there can be tremendous difficulties along the way if she chooses to rise within the wrong type of channel, I can say that with proper meditation and care it should be possible to be resolved over time. This is important to understand: Problems within the […]

Different types of Kundalini Rising I

There exist different varieties and possibilities of Kundalini Śakti (pronounce Shakti) make her way to ascend. This is not to be discarded, but I do not wish to induce anyone with fear, but rather keep it as an informative piece.The three most ideal nadis (energy channels) for Kundalini to rise lie in the mehru danda: […]

Kundalini Awakening and Vata Imbalance

When Kundalini starts to awaken all doshas, the constitutions most likely will become out of order. We are usually predominantly one or the other: There exist Vata (element of ether & air), Pitta (Fire & Water), and Kapha (Earth & Water). There may also be a mixed constitution where you are predominantly one yet have […]

The Superhuman Mirage

Still, many years into the Kundalini awakening journey, I get a bit flustered about authors writing about healing, being in the now, or even becoming superhuman without ever mentioning Kundalini awakening even once. Having read countless books on such topics I agree that these feats are possible. Absolutely, but for this one needs to have […]

The things we put into ourselves

Whatever we do,Whatever we watch,Whatever we read,Whatever we think,The places we visit,The music we listen to,Whoever we spend time with has an effect on us, whether we want to or not. The places we live at, the conversations we have with ourselves or others, all is vibration and this is what we then attract in […]

A Never-Ending Stream of Love

ever since arriving in the countryside, there is this question again: Is this it? It has been many years since this question has occurred and the last years had been filled with the process of Kundalini awakening and to come to terms with the fact that my life has irrevocably changed for the better, even […]

Mystic Countryside

It is Monday. Waking up the mist of the forest envelopes me with a knowing quality, the cows next doo are already awake and so happy. The mist seems to waver about the hills that the farm I am living on now is enveloped by. It carries a lot of energy and wafts around me […]

The Dialogue of Lord Krishna and Arjuna

There exists and inherent link between the disciple and the Guru. It never seizes, it never diminishes, and even over many lifetimes they will find each other over and over again and again. One cannot get out of it. It is this invisible bond that teaches us to go and seek out a spiritual path […]

Navigating life in unconditional love

Over the past few weeks I have been contemplating what this unconditional love means to me. It means a cessation of ego patterns of thinking and behavior. Last week I was not the flow like Shams Tabrizi said- it felt a little dissonant. As I do not wish to blame others for my own failure […]