The burning flame

There always exists a time in the life of an awakened person when they realize that living in a city or trying to teach real teachings to others who are unaware of the workings of the Divine, is rather futile and can create havoc on one’s system.Personally, all worldly desires seem to have seized somehow, […]

The Beauty of Mother Earth

As humans we have certain tendencies, habits, karmic patterns or behaviors. Some we have picked up from our ancestors, some from our parents, some from friends and society. In actuality, we are a large mix of many influences around the globe, and let us not speak about Universal Forces. The impact that the Universe has […]


Once we have tasted ecstasy there is nothing left. We drink from the fountain of bliss Pain disappears into the abyss of your Divine laughter There exists no sin No beginning No end Deep nothingness of endless void I am the Manifester and the Destroyer I am the nectar of bliss and deep desperation I […]


After the last ego death episode, things have not calmed down. This year seems to be the year that I am shedding more and more pain. I am aware that this will take a long time to pass and to transmute, and the last weeks there were screams like a bear which ended up in […]

The Siddhi Series Part IV

The most beautiful and profound openings comes with the anahata cakra and with it the hrdya to the right. To this day it is my favorite and it will never seize to bore me. It used to open and deepen once every few months or, with Kundalini Śakti being active later on every month and […]

Purification Time

Another round of Kundalini purification: It is lasting for quite a few months now. Sometimes I wonder why this is all so strong within me. I guess my previous lifestyle hasn’t helped and having ignored the purification over the past two years, I had been still drinking alcohol. I am suffering with this now. The […]

The Siddhi Series, Part III

Intro The last post in the Siddhi Series talked about the siddhis of clairgustance and clairalience that manifest through the second cakra, the svadhisthana. Even though clairalience as well as clairgustance are dominant for the svadhisthana cakra, other siddhis mentioned in the Yogi texts may also manifest, such as: Freedom from enemies, the status of […]

Peace and Love Instead of Fear

Dear all, as this is the most discussed topic seemingly, I feel like I had to postpone the Siddhi Series Part III to next week and write a few words on this. As you know, with a Kundalini awakening, one becomes a Universal Being. Now, with the frenzy that the media has created around this […]

The Siddhi Series, Part II

Intro Last week, the post talked about the very first siddhi, the one of seeing past lives, karmic connections, as well as ancestral grids. As a note though, I would like to expand a little on how Kundalini Śakti works: Let us assume you had a full rise (or some people call it a spinal […]