After Kumbh Mela, Now Ramadan

The silent retreat has come and gone.It was not difficult to keep silent throughout that period, But rather realizing how many things there are still to be worked on. Nothing good, nothing bad. All just is. Energies have been intense and with Kumbh Mela taking place, I am ever more connected. Often I wonder how […]

Necessity of Suffering and Pain

During the first years I always believed that the awakening process and even Grace were bound to lead to a happy, contented life.Maybe for some this may be true, yet, when one has set one’s heart upon the ultimate truth, well,… That is most likely filled with a lot of suffering along the way. Then […]

Be Within This Love

The body wakes up and I am in love.As usual. He has left me hanging for a while and now the heart has come back. Yesterday had been an absolutely crazy working day.I wanted to move with ease and Grace, but it was quick and swift like the guillotine.I had stop myself to just sit […]

Live life as it is

Full moon has come and gone. I just passed out again at a certain point. There were a lot of pains but it was due to picking up too many things from everyone. I really should learn to be by myself when it is full moon. The night was spent rather bizarre, because Ĺšakti rose […]

Laziness II

Today I am lazy.It is full moon and I should have stayed in. it already started on Friday.It is between Allah and me. I wake up, drowsy, full of weeping for the world.I think maybe best to go for a walk. I sit and all is swathed in particles.something has changed yet again on the […]

Workings of the brain

let us for one moment imagine that what we consciously use qualified as our brain, is about 10 % (and that is a lot, I think Einstein was using 13% consciously), the rest of the 90% is support so to speak. So, during the process of a Kundalini awakening, when saying you get more and […]

Navigation Without Spiritual Practice

Now, before you discard this post, hear me out a little: Personally, as you all know, I am prone to exaggeration. I have been wondering about my taking meditation and all these kind of things to the next level. I don’t think that it is so necessary for me as when I read one mantra […]

Learning to Play the Holographic Reality

What if I told you that there exists no right or wrong, that you have no control, only the control of how to react, what emotions you buy into and which ones not.What if I told you that all is a large game, the Yogis call it the Divine Lila or Shunya, the Sufis Nothingness, […]

An Ego Day

The body does not want to get up this morning. Yesterday evening Kundalini rose again and I decided to give in and just lie on the floor and let her run up and down the spine and at the end it was so beautiful with small vibrations like a butterfly, but I am starting to […]

My Holographic Reality II

A few weeks back I introduced the possibility of where we are living as being a holographic reality. I have never read up about quantum physics and up until my sound enegineering days I never saw the use of mathematics, physics, and the likes. It felt as if it was not applicable to life. What […]