The Shakti that resides within each person, dormant at the bottom of the spine deems the student fit once she has decided to rise. In our modern society pretty much no one is prepared and spontaneous Kundalini awakenings are more and more common. They are by no means the norm as it seems so looking […]


Moving towards full moon, the longing is back. It started on Friday and will now increase until the full moon. It is the longing for the one and it burns brightly within my chest. It has become a little more subtle as Shakti and I had a chat and she thought that I was still […]

New Paradigms

The old paradigms that we have lived by are dissolving quickly. Whereas previously we have been stuck in a rat race for more exterior things, for more money, more houses, more people, more friends, COVID-19 has forced many to withdraw, to retreat, and to face one’s own feelings and underlying emotions one has not dealt […]

The Divine Mother

She is the driving force behind all humankind.She is the destroyer and the action.She appears as the illusion for all to see through.She is the resurrector, the bhakti.She is the beauty behind everything.She rears her fangs when all we need is to get up.She dances on your corpse that has been slain, the ego limp […]


People strongly identify themselves with their stories: Of what they have done, what has happened to them in the pas, with previous jobs, with marital status, with religious and cultural backgrounds, with nationality, … The list is endless. When a person embarks on the awakening path, all of this will be taken away. The false […]

The Universe

It is said that the secret of the Holy Quran lies in the Surat Al Fatiha.It starts with the arabic letter ba with its dot underneath it comprises the whole universe in the heart of the person who wishes for Union. It is the Union between the lover and the beloved.When I listen to it, […]

Feeling other people’s pain

It has never stopped. Sometimes it is a bit more, sometimes less. During New Moon when I am also shedding a lot of pain or for women during their period, it is always tricky to move throughout the “normal” world. Last night I was unable to sleep. I had gone for a walk in the […]


Apparently Nisargadatte Maharaj has said that we move from nothingness to love and back. We continuously move back and forth in between the two. This must be true, because sometimes there is so much sheer nothingness that it is hard to fathom for the ego that moves more and more into the background. It tries […]

Stepping Out of Drama

Having become mainly neutral, which is rather bizarre in its nature, I have to say that most people create or recreate their drama themselves. It is an endless spiral of exactly the same actions and reactions, of words said or unsaid that keeps people bound to their daily drama. In fact, it is actually scary […]

Musings on a Life Divine

Finally I learned that my path is extremely devotional and that this is the only way I should live my life. There is no other option but live a life from this standard of devotion and love. Other people may choose something else, but for me it is the only way through. There can be […]

Worship of the Divine Mother

As I felt like I needed to reconnect with the Divine Mother within me, I draw cards of one of my oracle Goddess decks every day and try to see where she is hiding. Of course she is always hiding in nature: With her presence she graces us all and on my daily walks I […]

Finding The Goddess

Since eons of time, women have not only been linked with the moon, but also the stars. Whatever happens in a woman’s body, also happens in the stars. Having looked into many religious belief systems, as you all know, has just made me come to the conclusion that besides all the wonderful experiences with patriarchal […]

He who knows, knows that he does not know

The more a person moves inwards, the lighter one feels, yet, also realizes how much one does not know. The truth can always only be glimpsed in short episodes, in blasts, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes a few minutes or even a few hours is possible. But to maintain that is utterly impossible for […]


Some traditions say that problems arise because of our attachments.From what I have seen, experienced, and felt so far is that it is a sense of lack that is the problem. Of course, as you all know, I am a big believer in love and certainly that sense of lack of love is what creates […]

Treasures of Love

There exist treasures within my chest that even I do not fully comprehend yet. Can we ever?It is said that the heart of the Lover is the true entry into the workings of Divine consciousness.One cannot knock at God’s door if one does not have enough humility or strength in one’s frame. There is always […]


Once there was so much love within that it was unbearable to withstand.Now that you have withdrawn your favor,You left me here in solitude.On once grassy greensYour effervescent scent lingers here in my heart.Bereft of breathWithout youAre my lungsThat once filledWith roses the air that surrounds us. Bereft of breathAre my lungsThat once inhaled your […]

Pleiades and Shamanic Abilities

Last night the seven sisters of the Pleiades have come into play again. It was a super-charged day to say the least and also I was unable to sleep. Make a wish it said in a post that I had read. My wish is for humanity to heal and for everyone to find unconditional love. […]

The Meaning of Love and The Path of the Rose

Personally, I remember that what struck me the most when I finally knew what was happening to me with the awakening process, was this unconditional love that I started noticing. At the beginning stages it used to be so intense that I would roll on the floor with laughter. It has become more silent now, […]