When they come

When they come
They take away from my essence
They don’t know
They come
And leave.

But it is okay
I love them dearly
More than they can ever imagine
My deepest wish
For them to take
And to awake

I love them more than they would ever know
It does not matter much:
The fools
The ignorant
The brave
The jealous
The quiet
The joyous
The infidel
The whore
The messenger
The saint.

All equal
I say to them
Deep in my heart
“Awake, my Love!”

I hope they hear.

Some do
Some do not
But the seed
Has been planted

With this unconditional love
Some return
Over and over

The first times
When they awake
It is immensely hard
On my own body
I eat a lot

Who cares?
I love them so much
That my own life
Has only this one importance.

They do not know.
But it is okay.
I take good care of my body.

Some do not come back.
I know.
Instilling intense fear
Or intense bliss.

Neither one is comfortable
Nor understandable
To their million thoughts

That never stop.

Thoughts have dissipated
For this individual
Peace and quiet
A current of bliss in the background.

Even though physically tired
I love


The heart has become so open wide
One does not know
Where love begins
And where love ends.

The body feels light
Like a feather.
Maybe one day
It shall turn into a bird

How beautiful this life is.

You should listen
To the message the wind carries
The rustling of the leaves
The birds tell you clearly what to do
And where to go
The play of the ants and bees
An interconnected web
That the spider has spun.

Fear not, my love.
For who but you
Can change?

Be this love
Be this beauty
Be this joy
Be the bliss

And carry it forward to all
And everything that surrounds you.

Such is a life well-lived.

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