How much bliss can one handle?


One can only imagine that with the beautiful weather, people out and about, lots of fresh air, our Divine Mother is running in high spirits.
Believing that it will never finish, one can just let go and enjoy the different phases, expanding each year to new heights. It started last week again, having had a session of Body Work done, our Divine Mother rose to full heights again, flooding the body, ringing in my ears, and I could not even move an inch- the body worker had to physically move my shell up and I felt like a little baby being helped up. It was very beautiful to witness and realizing that this exact experience was had at the age of about 12 in that moment, meaning, that this has been going on for decades and only culminating over the past few years. The detox effect of the treatment is still palpable, but on that evening, meeting new people, a special encounter, the workings of the universe showed again that life is full of joy and that there exist people with Kundalini awakenings everywhere, whether they know it or not.
But it just showed again that our society is not set up for bliss: It scares people and they rather go and hide than bathe in bliss.
Sure, sometimes it can be a tad inconvenient, but this year, it is soaring to new heights, starting even earlier than the last years, and one wakes up in the early morning hours, already full of bliss, the eyes get that bright blue color that I love so much, clear as the blue sky on a summer’s day- they stay that way all day and when one tried to sleep, no chance, eyes wide open, blue, oh so blue.
How can one not breathe into that bliss?
One can just surrender- the laughter that had accompanied me over the past few years, has subsided a bit, but in its place, yesterday the whole environment around me exploded into glitter. I mean, who gets to witness that- do you not believe that this is a privilege, but one to be shared? Personally, one wishes for everyone to be able to experience this at least once in their lifetime! No photo or video could ever capture this, I promise you. That seems a rather dull thing to do.

Meditations have become highly kriya-filled again, but they are less “squeezed” and only certain ones remained. These phases are my favorites, honestly speaking: The further opening of the heart leaves one as vulnerable as a little child, the whole body has become so sensitive, joyful wonder being the every-day occurrence, singing and dancing all day, by now I hum everywhere I go. People don’t notice anyway with their silly headphones on, so I just sing and hum along, sometimes even hop. People can be incredibly sad these days, but hoping, that with a hop or a hum they may follow the lead, one continues, singing to trees and plants, the wind greets us, the leaves rustle and the insects and birds make such a noise in this silent chaos, that it is echoing back into the body that does not exist.
There seems to be a severe lack and even a fear of joy and bliss in peoples’ lives- they are so concentrated on their little world that they forget to BE…joyous.

Do you not wonder sometimes what they would say, if they saw glitter and particles, the lush surroundings of the forest a scintillating array of greens? How boring and grey must their world look like?
Hoping that one day, one just needs to extend their hand to touch someone and they will have the same experience, one continues with the hopping and humming. How boring their life must feel like. One feels sadness, mingled with bliss, opening of the heart, glitter, white light and fireworks.

I do love humanity and all its creatures.
Knowing that there will be further dissolution, one bathes in the white light of bliss, of pure ecstasy, of feeling the energy surge through this body- it is truly incredible to witness this. The “I” has dissipated again, nowhere to be found, the breath resting in Sushumna- a rather particular feeling when it first started. Don’t get me wrong, there are always heart openings occurring, just in winter they are extremely different than during the summer months.

Dancing and hopping, resting in Sushumna, we share, Shakti and this body- more awakening, more people awakening close to us.

The more, the merrier we reckon’ 😉

Welcome to the real world!


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