No end, No beginning

There is no end There is no beginning Just one line. As humans we like to believe that we have the power to adjust that line and to make it into a curve, much like sound waves. We do not. Lately I have been staring Just plain staring at my surroundings There is no point […]

Ecstatic Liberation

On Saturday night at the Yoga Festival, during the Ecstatic Dance, the body was danced into a trance. The Shakti within this shell moves to the different frequencies and emotions of the person who has created the song. This just showed that “I” have no say whatsoever in the decisions I make or what I […]

The Mists of Grace

It seems time to say Goodbye to everything that I have ever known. The development to go backwards is happening so rapid at the moment for me that the “I” is sometimes having a little bit of trouble keeping up with it. Doing healing sessions at a Yoga Festival here in Luxembourg this weekend, somehow […]

No Straight Lines

The human mind is a fascinating thing. Lucky me that I get to deal with other peoples’ minds on a daily basis: It remains rather incredible to witness what the mind can create and unfortunately most often, grueling scenarios where a normal, comfortable every-day life can turn into a personal nightmare. I always look at […]

A Touch of Grace

One of THE most unlikely people on the globe, given my background, in contrast to all my shenanigans, Divine energy, or the Universe, or whoever is in charge, may you call it God, Allah, Buddha, The Savior, The Guru, that energy chose this body to make it a vessel for giving healing. Believe me when […]

Blissed Out Of My Tree

When our Divine Mother is running high, vibrations are constantly surging through the body, and this body seems to be quite wired on the outside, it is easy to mistake it for something flat, emotionless, or a rather neutral phase when it has become constant. Mistakenly I had assumed that bliss is gone- on the […]

It is the mind that creates separation

There exists no difference between a beggar on the street and a rich person in a palace. Yet, there is. Two sides of the same coin- on the outward there is the difference in status seemingly, but do not be fooled. Very often a beggar is much richer than a person in a palace. In […]