The End of The Road and Rebirth

When one has had a touch with death, it is certainly hard to return to mundane things, but I am trying nonetheless. Yesterday was the first day that there were glimpses of light, the energy seems to have come back into the body and even though I remain open as never before, it seems a […]

Touching Death

The last months and weeks have been humbling to say the least: The summer months were filled with high energies, transcendence, joy, and life seemingly standing still. But already I was aware back then that this must come to an end sooner or later. Then it went all in a rush and like time had […]

St. Francis of Assisi, animals and nature

As strange as this may sound to some or others, deep faith as well as beauty and love are carried in every tradition. The risings of Kundalini Ĺšakti or a spiritual awakening through the heart, is the path that is paved with true devotion and love for God. God here has many names, mind you. […]

St. Teresa of Avila and The Seven Mansions

Finally, I have moved out of town. It had become so much mission impossible with the clair sentience exploding and the ajna cakra so wide open, that I often wonder how, as humanity we have become so dull, tired, and seeking to make conversation when there is nothing to be said in the first place. […]

The Last Stages of Enlightenment or Being one and the same as the Cosmos

When the “I” seizes to exist and one just is, it becomes increasingly difficult to relate to others, or rather you are one with them all, yet not at all. What does that mean? There are a few stages of enlightenment, 7 in fact. The first few are reached easily enough if one is persistent […]

Ahimsa or the practice of non-violence

Photo by: Elliott & Fry Mahatma Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, born 2nd October 1869-1948 in Gujarat, was known for his practice of non-violence, what is called “ahimsa” in Yoga. He lived a very simple life and is one of the people I definitely look up to, at the same time wondering, whether my standards of […]

The 9 Circles of Hell

Last night, or better last afternoon it started with the first circle of Hell. Dante Alighieri always having been my reference, the inferno started burning bright yesterday afternoon. What triggered it? People from the past coming back, some things have come to an end, and some new people have come into my life who seem […]