The End of The Road and Rebirth

When one has had a touch with death, it is certainly hard to return to mundane things, but I am trying nonetheless. Yesterday was the first day that there were glimpses of light, the energy seems to have come back into the body and even though I remain open as never before, it seems a […]

How much bliss can one handle?

Summer! One can only imagine that with the beautiful weather, people out and about, lots of fresh air, our Divine Mother is running in high spirits. Believing that it will never finish, one can just let go and enjoy the different phases, expanding each year to new heights. It started last week again, having had […]

Blissed Out Of My Tree

When our Divine Mother is running high, vibrations are constantly surging through the body, and this body seems to be quite wired on the outside, it is easy to mistake it for something flat, emotionless, or a rather neutral phase when it has become constant. Mistakenly I had assumed that bliss is gone- on the […]

Turya, the transcendental state

From nothing rises everything and from everything it is being destroyed back to nothing. Black includes white And from white it must go back to black. When one’s mind has become polished, shining, Then all states can be perceived as they are. Pure stillness will arise and distractions fall away. Then Being is the most […]

The Purpose of a Teacher

When living in a society that races us to be “strong”, do things on our own, have stamina, look after ourselves, but up to the point of being egotistical, to not waver, then a race of ¬†self-centered humans is being formed, with a lack of compassion and softness added to the strength that is essential […]