The 9 Circles of Hell

Last night, or better last afternoon it started with the first circle of Hell. Dante Alighieri always having been my reference, the inferno started burning bright yesterday afternoon. What triggered it? People from the past coming back, some things have come to an end, and some new people have come into my life who seem […]

The Undercurrent of Love

Life never gets boring once one is aware. Over the weekend, a few new things happened and it showed, once more, that we are all interconnected all the time: On Friday afternoon, the heat wave that has swept all over Europe seem to culminate, still, my energetic and physical system starting to run more optimally, […]

Blissed Out Of My Tree

When our Divine Mother is running high, vibrations are constantly surging through the body, and this body seems to be quite wired on the outside, it is easy to mistake it for something flat, emotionless, or a rather neutral phase when it has become constant. Mistakenly I had assumed that bliss is gone- on the […]

It is the mind that creates separation

There exists no difference between a beggar on the street and a rich person in a palace. Yet, there is. Two sides of the same coin- on the outward there is the difference in status seemingly, but do not be fooled. Very often a beggar is much richer than a person in a palace. In […]

Turya, the transcendental state

From nothing rises everything and from everything it is being destroyed back to nothing. Black includes white And from white it must go back to black. When one’s mind has become polished, shining, Then all states can be perceived as they are. Pure stillness will arise and distractions fall away. Then Being is the most […]

A Neutral Ground

This weekend, being Easter in this strange realm, my family came for a visit and even though I love them dearly, admittedly, our lifestyles differ wildly by now. However, before it would have bothered me to be tagging along, but by now I realized that, because they have done so much for me in this […]

True Surrender

These days, most people try to squeeze themselves into situations, jobs, meetings, interaction with friends and family and many many other myriads of human interactions. We even believe we can squeeze ourselves onto a spiritual path when it has already been chosen for us. In the case of this physical shell, it can only be […]